What Are the Major Social Problems in America?

Social problems facing Americans in 2015 include transportation and road concerns, green sources of energy, equality between men and women, protecting the Earth, and political freedoms. Other social concerns that Americans tend to discuss on Twitter include an honest and responsive government, education, discrimination, and employment opportunities.

As the economy struggles to rebound from the Great Recession, concerns about the joblessness rate continue to climb. While unemployment is at 5.1 percent, the lowest rate in seven years, August 2015 brought fewer jobs than anticipated. With the average monthly jobs gain at 212,000 jobs in 2015, August's mere 173,000 may come across as dismal. During this time, professional jobs such as accountants and attorneys, grew by 33,000 in August, health care saw an increase of 56,000, and financial services increased by 19,000.

Freedom from discrimination continues to play a significant role in the American psyche. Issues such as discrimination against Muslims, sexual minorities and racism are addressed with regularity. Racism manifests in blatant demonstrations and more subtle, systematic ways, such as racial profiling by authority figures and the challenge certain Americans face when trying to escape poverty. Noticeable in many areas, there is a general distrust of Muslims and the Muslim faith since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

From preschool through college, Americans are very concerned about the quality and quantity of education available. Major focus is on repaying student loans, appreciating teachers and standards for learning.