What Are Major Products From Louisiana?

Major products from Louisiana include minerals, natural gas, sulfur, lime, pulp, plywood, paper products, seafood and agricultural items like crops and livestock. As a coastal state, Louisiana derives revenue from commercial fishing and shipbuilding as well. The state also contains many natural resources that support mining and manufacturing processes necessary for consumer goods production.

In addition to manufacturing and industry, Louisiana derives economic revenue through tourism. People visit Louisiana year-round from elsewhere in the United States and around the world. In total, visitors inject over $5 billion into Louisiana’s economy every year. Popular tourist destinations include New Orleans, Cajun Country and the Mississippi River.

Petroleum production and exportation accounts for a large portion of Louisiana’s economic income. Louisiana ranks third on the national list of petroleum producers. Some petroleum exports in raw form, but Louisiana produces finished products like lubricants and gels, too. Most petroleum refineries produce gasoline, and to a lesser extent, jet fuel.

Louisiana’s manufacturing facilities produce fertilizer, rubber and plastics for commercial activities. The abundance of trees in Louisiana allows production of paper goods, including bags, sheet paper and cardboard. Agricultural goods include sugar cane, potatoes, rice and cotton. Louisiana also exports tobacco and tobacco products, as well as Tabasco sauce. Aviation and aerospace industries supply economic revenue, as does the film industry.