What Are the Major Industries in Denmark?

Major industries in Denmark include manufacturing, chemical production, oil, gas, agriculture and construction. In manufacturing, nearly all of the electronics produced in Denmark are exported, including microphones, measuring instruments, computer networks, engine controls and hearing aids. The Carlsberg beer company is the largest producer of beverages in Denmark.

In 1999, the chemical industry in Denmark accounted for 24 percent of all chemical production in the European Union. In 1996, Denmark was the world’s second-largest exporter of pharmaceuticals per capita. Denmark is the third-largest producer of oil in Western Europe. The country also exports natural gas, mainly to Sweden and Germany. Major Danish exports to the United States include industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals and other chemical products, furniture, Lego products, and canned ham and pork.

The agriculture industry accounts for 64 percent of land usage in Denmark. The agriculture and food sector represents approximately 20 percent of total Danish commodity exports. Animal food exports include dairy and beef cattle, poultry, pigs, fish, and fish products. Fur animals are also exported, primarily mink. The construction industry has become more export-oriented, with Danish firms increasing activity in Germany. In addition, the industry has shifted from construction of new buildings to focusing on repairs and maintenance of older buildings. Tourism is also an important sector in Denmark, with 2.2 million visitors recorded in 1997.