What Are the Major Beliefs of the Church of Satan?

Members of the Church of Satan do not worship the devil; instead, they are atheists who believe that moral rights and wrongs are subjective human constructions. The Church of Satan follows Greater Magic, three rituals that are outlined in The Satanic Bible that are related to lust, compassion and destruction.

The first of the three Satanic rituals is a sex ritual intended to summon a desired sexual partner. The second is a compassion ritual performed to help others or oneself. The third is a ceremony of destruction, known as a curse or hex. While rituals are a tool, Satanists are not required to perform them to become members of the church.

The symbolism of Satan is pride, individualism and liberty, as well as the absence of battles between one's thoughts and feelings. Satanists see themselves as their own "gods" who offer love to the deserving and deliver vengeance to those who hurt them or their loved ones. Instead of recognizing the sins of other religions, Satanists see sins as things like stupidity, pretentiousness and herd conformity.