What Are the Main Roles and Responsibilities of a Chaplain?

What Are the Main Roles and Responsibilities of a Chaplain?

Chaplains offer guidance, assist in emergency situations and attend or preside over religious meetings. They work in the pastoral care department of corporate and religious organizations.

Chaplains help people grow in their relationship with God and one another. They provide spiritual counseling and crisis intervention based on religious doctrines and utilize different ways to attend to the spiritual and religious needs of individuals and groups. They may keep records for the purposes of tracking individual needs.

Chaplains facilitate prayer sessions, meditation and reflection with individuals and groups. They offer prayer during stressful circumstances such as death and sickness or at religious ceremonies. They may comfort individuals and families with gifts, cards and flowers.

Chaplains engage in community service through attending religious and social meetings. They organize for meetings and educate members of the community through conferences and workshops.

It is the work of the chaplain to visit the hospitalized, disabled, injured and bereaved. Chaplains respond to emergency situations, assess the extent of an injury and notify family members in a way that does not cause grief.

They facilitate the administration of the sacrament and other religious practices specific to religious denominations. They assist families in obtaining legal paperwork during stressful times, such as death certificates and funeral home releases.