What Is the Main Prophecy of the End Times?


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Exact details regarding the prophecy of end times depends on the religious condition consulted. All Abrahamic traditions ? Judaism, Islam and Christianity ? believe that a messiah-like figure ushers in the final days and that the righteous are separated from the unrighteous for eternal reward or punishment.

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While all three faiths argue for a Messiah, only Christianity and Islam maintain that Jesus Christ is that figure, claiming that he returns to Earth and defeats the Antichrist. Alternatively, Judaism believes that the Messiah defeats all gentile nations before re-establishing the Davidic kingdom of Israel. All three prophesize the resurrection of the body, though everyone must first experience corporal death. Each faith also argues for the ultimate destruction of the physical world.

Each religion believes that a series of signs presage the end times, including the role of a trumpeting angel in announcing the process' actual initiation. The basis for final judgment differs slightly form faith to faith. In Judaism, eternal life is predicated on adherence to the commandments. In Christianity, faith in Christ and belief in his death as an act of universal redemption are requisite. Islam believes that a person's good works must outweigh the bad in a final balancing. All three religions are consistent, however, in depicting hell as a place of fire and inescapable torment.

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