What Are the Main Parts of a Heat Pump?

The main parts of a heat pump are the compressor, condenser, evaporator and the expansion valve. The condenser heats the room, the expansion valve reduces pressure, and the evaporator absorbs heat from the atmosphere. The compressor compresses the heat-carrying refrigerant that flows through the heat pump’s main parts.

The compressor can either be a reciprocating compressor that produces compression by consuming power, or a rotary compressor with a rotor that rotates in the chamber to compress the inbound refrigerant. The condenser is made up of a copper coil that soaks up heat from the refrigerant and becomes the source of heat supply.

The expansion valve is a copper capillary tube that is used to lower the high pressure of the compressed refrigerant. The evaporator is a copper coil that is located outside the room for exposure to low atmospheric temperatures.