What Are the Main Ideas in the Communist Manifesto?

The main ideas in the Communist Manifesto are that the exploitation of one class by another class is wrong, and the working class needs to come together to take control of the state in order to eliminate class. This is so that all people share in the food, work and living situations available in the state. The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in order to share the communist beliefs with others.

The Communist Manifesto talks about destroying the ownership of private property, as well as the belief that a move towards communism is inevitable, as capitalism is not stable. The manifesto also argues that the only way that these necessary changes can come about is through a revolution. The government cannot make rules and laws to bring about these changes on their own.

The Communist Manifesto contains four sections. The first section looks at the history of communism, as well as the theory. The second section looks at the relationship between the different classes of people. The third section focuses on the flaws that can be found in other socialism treatises and books while the fourth and final section compares and contrasts the communist beliefs with other party beliefs such as socialism and capitalism.