What Are the Main Characteristics of a Sagittarius?

main-characteristics-sagittarius Credit: Justin Lewis/Stone/Getty Images

People who fall under the sun sign Sagittarius are ambitious and full of energy. They love challenges and tend to be on the athletic side. Sagittarians are quick and highly ambitious. They are intellectual and like to read and explore subjects that are new to them. Sagittarians are popular and loyal to their friends, as well as generous to others.

Travelling and the prospect of adventure excites Sagittarians. Routine dulls Sagittarians who love life to be fast-paced and full of changes. They are confident and have a daredevil attitude. While they do set very high goals for themselves, they have the ability to achieve their goals. They do not have the patience to wait and often lose cool when things get too slow. Gambling and betting are not recommended activities for Sagittarians, as they could end up losing a lot of money.

Sagittarians should restrain their speech so they don't end up sounding stupid. They tend to be careless and tactless. It is better for them to count on themselves when things go wrong rather than looking for help or advice from others. They are known to make enemies as well; if someone deceives them, they will make that person pay.