What Are the Main Causes of Family Problems?

Poor conflict management skills, ongoing disagreements and social stress can cause family problems. Ongoing family problems are stressful for both children and adults in the family and may trigger other physical or psychological symptoms.

If conflict management is a problem in the family, individual family members may want to consider taking a course in communication skills or scheduling a meeting with a therapist. If the conflicts are mild, the family may be able to set new goals regarding communication and work things out on their own.

Ongoing disagreements should be resolved in a manner that everyone in the family can agree on. If this becomes impossible within the family unit, family members may wish to seek outside help from a therapist, minister or trusted mediator. Ongoing disagreement can cause increased stress and lead to additional conflict within the family.

If a family is dealing with stress from an outside source, such as a parent’s employer, a bully at a child’s school or a meddling relative, it’s important to take steps to manage stress. The individual who is under stress may need additional support from other family members to get through this tough time and may need to learn new stress management skills.