What Was the Lowest-Scoring NBA Game?

lowest-scoring-nba-game Credit: Betsey Dupuis/E+/Getty Images

The lowest scoring game in NBA history was a 19-18 contest won by Fort Wayne Pistons over the Minneapolis Lakers. The game was played on Nov. 22, 1950, before the inception of the 24-second clock, which was introduced for the 1954-55 season to increase the pace of the game.

As of 2014, the lowest-scoring game of the shot clock era was a 62-57 victory by the Boston Celtics over the Milwaukee Hawks in 1955. The second-lowest point total came on Feb. 21, 1996, with the Miami Heat claiming a 66-57 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. The next lowest-scoring game — and lowest in playoff history — saw the Celtic defeat the Detroit Pistons 66-64 on May 10, 2002.