What Love Spells Can I Do to Myself?

What Love Spells Can I Do to Myself?

Some love spells that can be done on oneself are the ribbon attraction, love light, simple love charm, Aphrodite love charm and the Aradia love spell. Each love spell is used on the person casting the spell to increase the user's allure.

Love spells transform the user's desires, intentions and wishes into real love. Many love spells warn that they might backfire if a specific person's name is used.

According to SpellsandMagic.com, the ribbon attraction spell will bring love to the one who performs the ritual within seven weeks. The ritual requires the use of a pink ribbon, a mirror, honey, a pen, paper, incense and a candle. This spell is used to attract a partner based on the specifications set forth by the user.

The love light spell, by MeetYourPsychic.com, guides the user to their true love. The love light spell requires only a single large pink candle. This is achieved through the user's focus on what they want from their love life. These intentions are written on a piece of paper, and the spell is intended to manifest those desires into reality.

In contrast to the previous spells, Alba-LoveSpells.eu suggests thinking of a specific person when casting a love spell. One such spell suggests the user sitting down with their eyes closed and picturing the desired person in their head, instead of using a non-specific image.