What Is a Love Scale?

A love scale is a quiz or other series of questions about a person's feelings and opinions on romantic love and relationships, designed to produce a numerical score that can be compared to other scores to determine one's personal approach to romance and compatibility with romantic partners. Quiz questions may be true/false or answered on a sliding scale, with ranges such as "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree," with all answers tallied in a final score.

The content of a love scale quiz focuses on how a person feels about his current romantic partner or a hypothetical partner, or about love and relationships in general. Questions about partners can concern how trusting or possessive one partner feels towards the other partner, how much they enjoy being together, and how responsible one feels about the other's well-being. General questions include opinions about love at first sight or flirting, and the interactions between love, sex and friendship.

Love scales are provided on dating sites and relationship advice books, both to offer guidance in choosing compatible romantic partners and to help people figure out their personal romance styles, to make better connections and improve existing relationships. Social psychologists also employ love scales to evaluate interpersonal attraction in experiments.