How Do Find Your Love Match Based on Your Birthday?


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One way to find your love match based on your birthday is to use astrology. Astrology is a method of predicting personality traits as well as romantic outcomes using one's horoscope, or the position of the sun and planets at the time of a person's birth.

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Horoscope predictions are based on the zodiac, which is a belt of constellations that make up the 12 astrological signs. A person's astrological sign, also called a sun sign, depends on which constellation the sun was facing at the time of his or her birth. Different astrological signs are said to have particular personality traits based on whether the sign is characterized as a fire, water, earth or air sign. For example, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air signs. Individuals born under these signs are said to be intellectuals.

Some signs may be more or less compatible with other signs because of their different personality traits. A Gemini, for instance, is likely to enjoy travel, whereas a Cancer is more interested in domestic life. These signs may not be compatible due to their different preferences. Along with considering personality traits based on sun signs, an astrologer can analyze the positions of the planets in order to make predictions about romantic outcomes. Horoscopes are typically published in newspapers and online astrology sites.

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