Do Love Compatibility Horoscope Readings Really Help Couples?


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Love compatibility horoscope readings may or may not help couples because science has yet to prove that horoscope readings are legitimate, and therefore it is impossible to know whether or not the compatibility readings will help couples, reports the University of Berkeley. Many online and offline sites still publish love charts and offer compatibility horoscope readings for couples, despite the lack of scientific evidence.

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A love compatibility report takes the sun signs of each person and determines whether or not the couple is destined to succeed in love, according to Elle magazine. This advice is then followed by those who believe in astrology. Couples must choose whether or not they believe in astrology and want to take the advice of the compatibility reports.

Astrology focuses on placing people into different "signs" depending on the date of their birth because the different positions of celestial bodies creates different personalities. Astrology looks at stars, galaxies, planets and asteroids, as well as their relationships to one another in the sky, reports the American Astrological Society, although astrology is different from astronomy because astronomy is a science and is based on observation rather than beliefs. There are astrologists who specialize in custom couple compatibility readings as well, and if a couple is interested in a compatibility reading, then this may be the best option because it will be more personal.

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