How Do You Love a Cancer Man?

love-cancer-man Credit: Corey Rich/N/A/Getty Images

Loving a Cancer man involves being sensitive to his moods, establishing a comfortable home, being patient with him and being nurturing. Above all else, Cancers are incredibly sensitive, so it's important to make them feel loved. This sensitive nature also shows through in the fact that out of all 12 astrological signs, Cancer is the one that is most susceptible to feelings of rejection.

A Cancer man may try to appear standoffish or aloof, but inside he is likely to be very emotional and to have a huge heart. However, sometimes this doesn't always show through, as he can also be quite moody. This means that loving him means being willing to play to his moods.

Cancers are most comfortable at home, so they tend to look for partners that share this sentiment to help them build a safe, comforting home. They want someone who can help them achieve emotional and financial stability. Cancers are also quite family oriented, which can be a good thing, but it also means their partners need to understand the often unusually close relationships they have with their mothers.

Male Cancers would usually do anything to help support the ones they love, but they need partners who are also willing to do a lot for them in return. Cancers can make excellent partners, but their sensitive, emotional nature requires a loving, nurturing person with lots of patience.