What Are Louise Hay Meditations?


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Louise Hay meditations are simple, brief reflections using mantras, affirmations and inspirational readings designed to improve the user's mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Hay teaches her students to focus on a mantra, a word or phrase that conveys peace and well-being. Repeating the mantra facilitates a guided thought process that uses affirmations. Hay claims meditation brings the practitioner clarity, peace, and mental and physical healing.

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Hay teaches her meditations via self-help books, CDs, online courses and videos. Meditation topics include forgiveness, creativity and self-love. The meditations are simple, brief and easy to understand, and they may be practiced virtually anywhere. Hay says the goal of meditation is to heal the self rather than perfect the technique, and that it encourages practitioners to use mantras that feel right for them. Hay also recommends meditating by repeating positive affirmations while standing in front of a mirror. This "mirror work," as Hay calls it, is designed to build self-esteem in survivors of emotional trauma.

Hay's meditations are not affiliated with any religion and are not prayers, although they do nurture the spirit. A typical Louise Hay affirmation, "I am one with the very Power that created me," implies a higher power outside of oneself but requires no specific belief.

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