I Lost My GED; How Do I Get a Copy?

In order to retrieve a copy of a GED, you must access the official GED site of the state where it was taken. On the site, find the request form, and then follow the requirements to request a new copy through fax or mail.

  1. Find GED website

    Find the official GED website for the state where the test was taken. Generally, this information is accessed through a state’s official education website.

  2. Find the request form

    Go to the webpage where the request form is located. States can differ in how you access the request forms. You may be asked to know the testing center beforehand. Some states ask you to create an account through the website gedtestingservice.com. Creating an account requires your current first and last name, and the first and last name during the test. It requires your address, phone number, date of birth, the last four digits of your social security number (SSN) and current email.

  3. Fill the requirements

    Once you are at the webpage with the request form, fulfill the necessary requirements. Generally, you must print the form and fill it out with info including full name, current address, date of test, signature of the GED holder, and SSN. After this, you can either mail or fax the request form followed by a waiting period. A copy of the GED can then be returned to you.