What Do You Do If You Lost Your Car Registration?

Automobile owners in the United States must procure a copy of their vehicle registration if the original is lost or stolen. Driving an unregistered vehicle carries significant penalties, including fines and possible license suspension. To avoid these penalties, drivers must contact their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to replace their lost or stolen vehicle registration forms.

Automobile owners must immediately request a replacement registration if the registration card or sticker is lost or stolen. State laws vary regarding replacement procedures; however, the majority of state DMVs allow drivers to request replacement registrations online, through the mail or in person at a local DMV office.

Ordering a duplicate registration online is the easiest way to replace a lost or stolen registration. All local DMV websites provide instructions and online transaction pages to procure a replacement registration. Most states require the vehicle’s license plate number and class, along with the driver’s name, ZIP code and email address to file for a replacement registration online. After completing the online form and paying a small fee, the state DMV provides the driver with a receipt and sends the replacement registration through the mail.

Visiting a DMV office in person is the fastest way to receive a duplicate registration. When visiting a local DMV, the owner must complete the Vehicle Registration/Title Application form and present a driver’s license to receive a duplicate registration.