What Is the Longest Pass in NFL History?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 5, 2020 9:59:58 AM ET

The longest pass play in NFL history is 99 yards. As of 2014, the feat has been accomplished 13 times, with each resulting in a touchdown for the offensive team.

The first came on October 15, 1939, when the Washington Redskins' Frankie Filchock completed a pass to fullback Andy Farkas. The most recent came on December 24, 2011, when The New York Giants' Eli Manning connected with Victor Cruz in a 29-14 win over the New York Jets.

Other quarterbacks completing 99-yard bombs include: George Izo, Karl Sweetan, Sonny Jurgenson, Jim Plunkett, Ron Jaworski, Stan Humphries, Brett Favre, Trent Green, Jeff Garcia, Gus Frerotte and Tom Brady.