How Long Does Temporary Dental Glue Last?

The longevity of temporary dental glue can last anywhere from weeks to years depending on the type of dental glue, its proper application and the ability of the wearer to practice good oral hygiene. The area must be completely dry for temporary dental glue to adhere properly, according to

A dentist or dental assistant chooses the right type of temporary dental glue to use based on the type of tooth being cemented, the type of dental procedure being done, and how long the glue is needed. Types of temporary dental glue include zinc oxide eugenol, zinc oxide non-eugenol, resin temporary cement, glass-ionomer temporary cement and polycarboxylate cement, as stated in

There are DIY temporary dental glue products sold at pharmacies. However, these products are not meant to replace a dentist’s care, advises Have the DIY work checked by a dentist as soon as possible.