How Long Is a Tea-Length Dress?

A tea-length dress is a dress that hits the leg 3 to 4 inches below the knee. The tea-length dress is often a good choice for women who wish to avoid a floor-sweeping gown at dressy events.

The tea-length dress is also a great look for evening events and bridesmaid dresses. For those women who need to enhance the length of their legs, try pairing nude heels with the tea-length dress to add height and create a more lean silhouette.

There are a number of dressed of varying lengths in addition to the tea-length dress, including the floor-length dress, the knee-length dress, the mini-dress and the dress that ends a few inches above the knee. These shorter dresses are often paired with heels or flats, and the skirts can be straight or flouncy, and they and can be worn at any time of the day.

The floor-length dress hits the floor or skims it and is best worn at extravagant ceremonies, such as balls, black tie galas and weddings. The knee-length dress has a conservative hemline and should be worn .during the daytime. Heels should always be paired with this dress type to avoid looking stuffy instead of sophisticated. The miniskirt dress is short and should hit right at a woman’s fingertips. This is an excellent choice for a night on the town, but is not the best look for formal gatherings or important first impressions.