How Long Does It Take to Remove a Scar With Cocoa Butter Cream?

Cocoa butter cannot actually remove scars, but it does have many beneficial properties for the skin that may reduce their appearance in time. Scars are the result of a buildup of collagen fibers that occurs during the healing process, on which cocoa butter has no effect.

Scars vary in appearance. While most scars are level with the surrounding skin, some are raised or sunken. Another type of scarring occurs as the skin stretches rapidly, such as in pregnancy, and is referred to as “stretch marks.” While many people seek topical treatments, such as cocoa butter cream, vitamin E and commercial skin care products to eliminate their scars, these are not effective. Medical treatments such as dermabrasion, laser therapy and surgery can greatly reduce the severity and appearance of scars; however, there is no method for completely removing them.