How Long Is the Recovery Period for Nasal Polyp Removal Surgery?

The typical recovery time after nasal polyp removal surgery varies from patient to patient, but the standard recovery period is about two weeks, states New York City Sinus Surgery. Recovery does not generally involve a lot of pain, but patients may have severe congestion that feels like a bad cold.

Patients may experience some post-surgery discomfort, but pain medication may be prescribed to mitigate it, according to New York City Sinus Surgery. For the first few days of recovery, it is normal for patients to feel fatigue due to the body healing. Post-nasal drip and nausea from the anesthetic are also possible. For the first two weeks, patients must rest as much as possible and avoid dusty areas. Patients should refrain from smoking because smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink and is likely to slow down the recovery process. Nosebleeds may occur as a result of smoking or blowing the nose.

Behaviors that increase pressure to the nose, such as bending over for extended periods of time, exercising, or looking down, may cause bleeding, indicates New York City Sinus Surgery. Saline flushes may be used to prevent crusting of the inside of the nose. Alcohol use should be avoided because it thins the blood and may increase the likelihood of nosebleeds.