How Long Can You Keep Chicken Stock in the Fridge?

Keith McDuffee/CC-BY-2.0

Chicken stock is good for around four days in the refrigerator after being opened or made. Homemade chicken stock does not last as long as store-bought stock. Chicken stock keeps between six months and one year when frozen.

Processed, store-bought chicken stock lasts weeks when not opened, but once opened users should consume it within four or five days. Homemade chicken stock can last a few days, as well, though it is more likely to go bad quicker. Homemade chicken stock should be checked regularly before use to ensure it has not gone bad. Checking taste, smell and look is the best way to make sure the stock or broth has not gone bad.

If open chicken stock has not been used after a couple of days, it should be frozen for storage. Plastic containers or bags are the best option for this, although some people freeze stock as cubes in an ice tray for convenient portions. When freezing in bags, it is best to stack the bags flat on one another to freeze flat so that the bags take up less room in the freezer and can be slipped into small, thin spaces. Frozen stock keeps around six months in a regular freezer and up to a year in deep freeze.