How Do You Locate a Person in Canada?

Sources available for locating a person in Canada include Canadian yellow pages, local white pages, Web detective sites and document trail, according to CanLaw. These sources provide useful information such as street addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Canadian yellow pages are the simplest way of finding someone if their place of work is known. If the exact place of work is unknown, their line of work should form the starting point. The Canadian white pages provide a gigantic list of people and their numbers in a certain area. The surname aids in the selection of a list of numbers.

441 Canada’s website provides searches for missing persons as well as reverse lookup. Upon entering a phone number, a reverse lookup offers the names of people or businesses linked to the person, recommends Canada411. The Library and Archives Canada website offers information on numerous types of documents alongside census and geological data.

Net detective sites are a sure mechanism of locating someone in Canada as they have massive local databases. Net detectives provide results for unlisted phone numbers, public records and personal support services.

Cyber Pages International, an online Canadian service, allows people to post information about missing persons and leave their contacts.