How Do You Locate a Federal Inmate?

Find a federal inmate using the Federal Bureau of Prisons online inmate locator tool to search for the prisoner’s name. Inmates are searchable by name or registration number and the results include age, sex, release date and location.

  1. Search by name

    Searching the Bureau of Prisons database by name requires an exact match for both first and last names, so correct spelling is important. Searches for common names return multiple results. The results include everyone who has been in federal custody since 1982, including inmates that have finished their sentences and been released. The data is updated daily.

  2. Locate the facility

    The results list of the inmate locator search indicates the location of prisoners. Inmates currently in custody have a facility name listed and a link to further details including the address, contact information and visitation policies. The results indicate whether an inmate has been released, is in transit or has escaped. If the inmate is not currently in custody, no facility is listed. Inmates serving concurrent state-imposed sentences in a state prison have a regional office listed as their location.

  3. Find archived information

    Prisoners released before 1982 are not included in the Bureau of Prisons database. Historical federal prison records are kept by the National Archives Records Administration. Requests for historical records should include the inmate’s full name, date of birth, race and approximate incarceration date. The National Archives charge a fee for reproductions of records.