What Is a List of Low Phosphorus Foods?

A list of low phosphorus foods includes milk, yogurt, hard cheeses, whole-grain breads, biscuits, organ meats, nuts, chocolate and flavored waters. Foods high in protein tend to also be high in phosphorus, according to Mayo Clinic.

Low phosphorus foods may be required in patients with kidney disease, according to Mayo Clinic. Levels of phosphorus are regulated by the kidneys in healthy patients, but this level rises in those with kidney disease. High levels of phosphorus is associated with reduced levels of calcium in the blood, potentially resulting in bone disease. By consuming low phosphorus foods, these patients reduce the risk of bone disease.

High levels of phosphate, known medically as hyperphosphatemia, may also be treated by using medicines known as phosphate binders, claims Kidney.org. The phosphate binder is taken before meals and snacks and helps reduce the amount of phosphate absorbed by the body. This may become necessary if the patient has severe kidney disease where dialysis is required, claims Mayo Clinic. This is because dialysis removes protein from the body and, given that high protein foods often have high levels of phosphate, the phosphate binder can selectively reduce its levels in the body.

The optimum level of phosphorus in the body is 2.5-4.5mg/dL, according to Kidney.org.