What Is a List of Informal Letter Salutations?

A list of informal letter salutations contains greetings for informal and personal letters. These greetings establish the familiarity the writer has with the reader and start with “dear” then the recipient’s first name, or just an informal name followed by a comma. For example, ” Dear Alan” or “Dear Mom”. Depending on the relationship the writer has with the reader, the letter could also start with “Hey” or “Hi.”

Compose an informal letters to offer congratulations for weddings, birthdays, the birth of a child or graduations. An informal letter could also be thanking the reader for a favor, inviting him to a celebration or refusing an invitation. Other informal letters apologize, offer sympathy or advice, while personal letters help people keep in touch with friends and family.

After the informal greeting, the first sentence of the letter states the reason for writing, whether it’s accepting the invitation or replying to an email. A personal letter could just inquire how the reader is. The tone of an informal letter is conversational, uses the active voice, and in the case of personal letters could even use colloquial language.

Depending on the relationship with the receiver, the letter’s could end using “love,” “yours truly” or “best wishes.”