Is There a List of All Catholic Saints That Include Living Saints of Today?

Is There a List of All Catholic Saints That Include Living Saints of Today?,, and offer lists of Catholic saints, but the lists do not include living people. This is because the Catholic Church only canonizes people who have died. is a directory that lists online resources for Catholic saints. It provides links to indexes on,, and The directory summarizes and evaluates these sites. It also provides special feature articles regarding saints, such as biographies of saints canonized by Pope Benedict XVI. offers an alphabetical list of saints. Each entry links to the saint's biography, images of the saint, books relating to the saint and scholarly reference articles. Additionally, the site provides a link to a calendar that lists saints honored on a particular day. There are also search options for Confirmation names and saint e-books. lists saints alphabetically by name, and offers the option of searching for saints by feast day. A linked calendar allows users to browse saints by date; for example, St. Giles is honored on September 1 of each year. The site also lists patron saints according to their specialties; St. Matthew is listed as the patron saint of accountants and actors, while St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe is the patron saint of addicts. has a Saint of the Day feature that shares information about Catholic feast days. offers a saint directory organized alphabetically by name. Each saint's name links to information about that person, including feast days and biographies. The site also provides details about how saints are venerated around the world. For example, the Spanish town of Mequinenza honors Saint Agathoclia with festivals every September.