How Do You Light an Outdoor Tiki Torch?

There are three steps to lighting an outdoor TIKI torch, including filling it, lighting it and extinguishing. When filling the torch, the only fuel that should be used is TIKI Brand Citronella Torch Fuel, and not kerosene, gasoline or other flammable fuel.

The steps for lighting the TIKI torch include:

  1. Filling the torch
  2. Remove the metal flame guard and wick components from the torch. Only fill until about half an inch away from the top seam.

  3. Lighting the torch
  4. Make sure the wick is saturated with oil before lighting. Use a lighter or match to light, and keep clothing, hair and face away from the flame.

  5. Extinguishing the torch
  6. Place the provided snuffer cap on the flame to extinguish. After the flame is completely out, remove the snuffer cap and let it cool. Once everything cools, put the snuffer cap back on the TIKI torch for storage.