What Is the Lifestyle of American and European Women in Japan?


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For the most part, Japan is a very safe country for Western women, but, while their experiences in Japan tend to be positive, the lifestyle can be quite tough for single Western women. Shy Japanese men may leave them dateless, and, on the other extreme, they may be subject to harassment. It can also be difficult to find clothing of the right size.

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The majority of foreign English teachers in Japan are male, simply because many females don't last as long in Japan. They may begin to feel unattractive and unwanted when Japanese men refuse to even look at them, intimidated by their Western assertiveness. However, Japanese men still admire Western women, as being stalked is more common for foreigners than native Japanese women. Some women have had experiences of strange men following them right up to their front doorsteps or of finding notes from stalkers in their mailboxes professing their love or attraction. Unfortunately, local police are often not willing to help them prosecute the stalkers.

Thanks to men stealing women's underwear hanging on clotheslines, foreign women are also warned not to hang out clothes at night. Foreign women should also be aware of the "chikan" phenomenon, where women are groped by strangers on packed trains or other crowded forms of public transportation.

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