What Is the Life Story of Saint Michael?

Saint Michael’s life story includes banishing Satan from heaven and communicating with important biblical figures on God’s behalf. Catholic Online describes Saint Michael the Archangel as one of the chief princes of heaven and the leader of the angelic force that cast Satan out of heaven.

Additional elements of Saint Michael’s story include his communications with Moses, Jacob and Abraham in the Old Testament, in which the original writer mentions him by name twice. Catholic art usually depicts Saint Michael with a double-edged sword that represents truth and justice due to his role as the banisher of Satan from heaven. Marypages asserts that it was Saint Michael the Archangel that communicated with Joan of Arc on God’s behalf. The website also states that Michael was the angel who foretold the death of the Virgin Mary.

Saint Michael the Archangel is one of the few non-human Catholic saints and one of three angels mentioned in the Bible. Theologians traditionally place Michael above all other angels due to his important role in the banishment of Satan from heaven and his multiple references in the Bible. The Catholic Church names Michael as the patron saint of mariners, grocers, paratroopers, police and sickness, and it honors the archangel as a patron and protector of the church.