What Are Life Lines in Palm Reading?


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Palm readers and other practitioners of palmistry consider a person's life line to be the source of a wealth of information about that person's life events, personal characteristics or traits, physical health and relationships with others. The palm's life line begins on the edge of the palm, between the thumb and the index finger, and gradually swoops down to a point near or just above the base of the thumb.

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The life line, the heart line and the head line are considered by most modern palmists to be the three main indicators of personal traits and future events in a person's life. All three lines are generally found on a normal palm: the heart line is found under the fingers, the head line runs across the middle of the palm, and the life line intersects with the head line and moves down toward the wrist.

Ancient palm readers believed that the length of the life line determined the length of a person's life, but most modern palmists no longer adhere to this belief. Rather, they use the life line to predict major changes in a person's life, or future tragedies or sources of happiness. Characteristics of the life line that are analyzed and given meaning by palm readers include its deepness, its continuity across the palm and any branches or forks that the line may possess.

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