What Is the Life Expectancy for Someone Born in 2014?


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The estimated life expectancy at birth of people born in 2014 in the United States was 79.56 years, according to The World Factbook. Males' life expectancy was 77.11 years, while females' was 81.95 years. The U.S. 2014 life expectancy at birth ranked 42nd among 224 countries The World Factbook listed.

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The longest 2014 life expectancy at birth that The World Factbook recorded, 89.57 years, belonged to Monaco. The second and third longest were both a full five years shorter – 84.48 years in Macau and 84.46 years in Japan. The three countries with the lowest life expectancies, all under 50 years, were Chad with 49.44 years, South Africa with 49.56 years and Guinea-Bissau with 49.87 years.

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