What Was the Life and Death Story of Peter the Apostle?


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Peter the Apostle grew up in Galilee before becoming one of Jesus' most beloved apostles. After Jesus' death, Peter played a pivotal role in the development of the Christian church until dying from martyrdom in his late 60s.

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Peter, whose original name was Simon, was probably born around 1 B.C. He and his brother Andrew came from Bethsaida before moving to Capernaum. Their proximity to the Sea of Galilee allowed them to run a fishing business with James and John. Peter was most likely married before meeting Jesus.

Andrew introduced his brother Peter to Jesus. Upon receiving an invitation to follow him, Peter and Andrew abandoned their fishing business and became his disciples. Throughout Jesus' ministry, Peter was known for being one of the most emotional and vocal apostles of the group. Even so, Jesus and Peter formed a special relationship. Jesus designated Peter as the "rock" of the church following Christ's death.

Despite Peter's denial of Jesus in his final days, he earned the respect of early Christians by being a leader during the Pentecost following Christ's death. Peter was also the first to preach the Gospel to a Gentile. Later in life, he preached in Babylon and Rome. Tradition states that Peter died by crucifixion around the year 67 A.D.

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