How Do You Know If the Lid Switch Is Bad on a Washer?

Often the first sign that a lid switch is bad is that the machine does not spin or drain the water. To test the switch, the owner accesses the wiring bracket and uses a multimeter to check for continuity with the lid closed.

The lid switch consists of two parts. Manufacturers attach the actuator to the lid itself. It is a small plastic or metal device that presses down the lid switch when the user closes the lid. If the actuator is loose or missing, it cannot activate the switch.

Under the lid on the machine, the actuator fits through a small hole to press the switch paddle. For the switch to work correctly, the paddle fits against the bottom of the metal, closing the hole when the lid is open. Pressing on the paddle with a small screwdriver causes a clicking noise if the switch is operating correctly. Sometimes the housing on the switch breaks, allowing it to drop, so closing the lid no longer activates it. If the housing is broken, the switch requires replacement.

For lid switches that are in place, the owner needs to test for continuity with the lid closed. Before testing, the owner needs to disconnect the power to the machine. He then opens the top to the machine to access the switch connections.