What Is the "Let It Go" Sermon by TD Jakes?


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The "Let It Go" sermon by TD Jakes is inspired by the Lord's prayer and seeks to help believers learn how to forgive. In this sermon, that has since been published into a best seller according to New York Times, Bishop Jakes explores forgiveness as a life practice and offers guidance for application in marriage, family, friendship and business relationships.

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Bishop Jakes describes being wronged as a part of life. He provides solutions to conflicts by stating that they can be resolved and relationships restored. Forgiveness is described as an idea that works best when people acquire the courage to grasp their futures rather than their pasts. In the sermon, TD Jakes states that embracing forgiveness and letting go of the past unleashes the supernatural power to achieve goals in life. He further talks about the importance of forgiveness by pointing out the inevitability of conflict with others, since it will always be a present challenge. He encourages people to be open and honest with others, to be willing to share their minds and to embrace anger as a useful tool in getting past difficulties. He goes on to advise that offenses should be written off like financial debt.

Bishop Jakes reveals insight into what prevents people from being their best in life as business owners, husbands, wives, mothers or fathers. He exposes tension in relationships as the biggest hindrance to success. The failure of people to truly understand one another is another hindering factor outlined in the sermon.

Bishop Jakes' sermon concludes with the hope of conquering and becoming successful in life once letting go and forgiving happens. The sermon is presented as a guide to attain high levels of personal success. It provides the spiritual and psychological tools to achieve success.

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