How Do You Let Go of Anger?

How Do You Let Go of Anger?

One idea to let go of anger is to write down your feelings and then throw the paper away or burn it. Meditating, redirecting your thoughts and exercising to burn off energy and release anger are also options.

  1. Write down your feelings

    Releasing anger is a process, and the process begins with identifying the source of your anger and expressing your feelings in a healthy way. Writing your feelings down on paper is an effective outlet for anger. When you’re done writing, dispose of the paper to prevent the possibility of reading and ruminating over it in the future.

  2. Meditate and redirect your thoughts

    Meditate for several minutes to clear your mind and focus on the present moment. If you catch yourself thinking angry thoughts, gently redirect your mind back to the present moment. When you're done meditating, continue paying attention to your thoughts and directing your focus to positive things.

  3. Engage in exercise

    Calming your mind is often easier when your body is also calm. It is important to burn off energy and reduce stress by exercising. Go for a walk, a jog or a run or engage in another aerobic activity to reduce stress and release pent up anger.