What Lessons Are Taught in Sabbath School?


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Lessons at Seventh-Day Adventist Sabbath Schools typically center on a story from the Bible, followed by a brief homily explicating the story. The Church encourages its members to memorize Bible verses each week, which they then discuss at Sabbath School. It issues Quarterly Study Guides for adult members and age-appropriate workbooks for children, teens and young adults.

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The values of fellowship development, community outreach, Bible study and foreign mission characterize the main goals of Sabbath School. Quarterly Study Guides incorporate these values as they focus on a different theme or book of the Bible each quarter. The Guides present and interpret Bible passages, record personal spiritual experiences and offer stories to provoke insights into the Bible theme for each week. Adults and children do the required daily reading and gather on Saturdays to discuss it. The Guides include questions designed to stimulate thought and discussion group activity for Sabbath School gatherings.

GuideMagazine.org is an online collection of non-fiction stories for young teenagers. Colorfully illustrated, it presents lessons on the importance of following Jesus in ways that appeal to teens. It also includes weekly Bible studies, which teens can use for Sabbath School discussions. Puzzles and games in the magazine are geared toward young people who want to learn more about their faith.

Collegiate Quarterly, the lesson book for college-age church members, is designed like an adult study guide. It organizes Bible study around a central theme and provides questions and reflections to help young people understand the Bible. For example, an issue of the Quarterly focusing on the theme of missionary work provides readings on Paul, Philip and other Christian missionaries.

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