What Are Some Lessons on Spiritual Warfare?

What Are Some Lessons on Spiritual Warfare?

Some good lessons on spiritual warfare come from GreatBibleStudy.com and address such topics as identifying the devil's primary weapons against believers, dealing with deception, offensive and defensive warfare, and tearing down strongholds. Spiritual warfare is defined as Christians resisting and defeating lies and temptations from Satan.

Spiritual warfare starts with the offensive and defensive fronts. Offensive spiritual warfare consists of tearing down strongholds that usually include the devil's accusations and lies. Defensive warfare consists of defending against common tactics and resisting further lies.

The devil uses deception, temptation and accusation as his three primary weapons. Strongholds stem from deception and may lead to temptation. Accusation comes when the believer is forced into a pattern of guilt and condemnation from previous sins.

According to the tradition of spiritual warfare, the devil's lies are dealt with by responding with God's word. Temptation can be dealt with through resisting the devil, but also through drawing closer to God. Dealing with the devil's accusations can be done through meditating on faith in the work of the cross.

Tearing down strongholds means tearing down lies the devil has built into a believer's mind. The weapons to do so include combating the lies with the truths of God's word.