What Are Some Less Common Celtic Symbols?

Less commonly known Celtic symbols include the triskele, the five-fold symbol, the arwen and the Celtic bull. The first known use of some of these symbols date to Megalithic and Neolithic sites that predate Celtic culture.

The triskele, also called the triple spiral, features three symmetric spirals joined by a triangular center. When the outer ends of the spirals join to form a circle, it becomes the more frequently seen triskelion symbol.

The five-fold symbol consists of four circles arranged so that each touches two other circles, with the outer edge of each circle passing through the center of a fifth circle. The symbol represented the balance of nature.

The arwen, which also represented balance, featured three vertical lines descending from three dots.

The Celtic bull carried a range of meanings, including virility, wealth, stubbornness and ties to the land.