What Is Les Feldick's Prophecy?


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Les Feldick's prophecy claims that Jesus Christ did not make any references to the rapture during his ministry on Earth because his teachings were directed to the Jews. Feldick believes the rapture is strictly a Pauline revelation, because it is found nowhere else in scripture.

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Feldick's observation is supported by the fact that the Jewish faith does not condone the idea of a rapture, which is unique to certain sects of Christianity. His prophetic view is highly controversial due to the fact that few accredited scholars agree that references to the rapture are found only in the Pauline epistles, the central claim of Feldick's teachings. He is admittedly self-taught, having no formal education in Biblical studies. Those critical of his teachings claim that his plain reading of the Bible lacks methodical technique.

Les Feldick lives in Oklahoma with his wife and has been teaching home-style Bible classes for over 30 years. His teachings have gained popularity through multiple series of televised classes, audio recordings, and books. Feldick presents his teachings as non-denominational, and he welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and denominations. Famous for not using lesson plans or notes during his classes, he believes the Holy Spirit drives him to spread his message.

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