What Is the Legend Surrounding Muhammad and His Horse?


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The story about Muhammad and his horse, Buraq, is the legend of his trip to heaven, often called his "Night Journey" and his "Ascension." It is said that Muhammad made his journey to heaven on a white, winged horse provided to him by the angel Gabriel. Before he begins his ascension, his first test isto choose between a drink of wine and a drink of milk.

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What Is the Legend Surrounding Muhammad and His Horse?
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Muhammad chooses milk, and Gabriel tells him that this means that his followers will not go astray. Hethen begins his ascension, stopping in several stages of heaven to meet Prophets such as Moses, Jesus, Abraham and Adam. He is accompanied by Gabriel the entire time.

Muhammad is taken to Paradise, where he stands before the Lote tree, the throne of God, and is given 50 daily prayers to prescribe to his followers. On his way out of Paradise, Moses tells Muhammad to negotiate fewer required prayers. Muhammad returns to God, and God gives says he will require five daily prayers instead. Still astride Buraq, Muhammad descends to deliver these prayers to his followers.

In Islam, this journey is considered representative of every man's spiritual growth. It is believed that Muhammad rode Buraq to heaven from the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

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