What Is a Left-Side Right-Side Brain Test?


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A left-brain right-brain test supposedly indicates which side of the brain an individual tends to favor when thinking, with left-brained people commonly thought to be more logical and right-brained people thought to be more creative. A 2013 University of Utah study found that most people use both parts of their brains equally, but many sites still offer brain tests, including Buzzfeed, Somer+Somer and Intelegen, Inc.

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Popular quiz site Buzzfeed offers quick written tests allowing users to assess their brain use. The test features two separate sections, each containing statements about general behavior with which users can either agree or disagree. One set of questions presents common left-brain behaviors, while the other presents common right-brain behaviors. At the end of the quiz, users can tabulate their answers to determine which brain side they favor.

Somer+Somer presents a more visually stimulating brain test, featuring shapes, colors, words and other interactive images. The brief test has users compare different collections of shapes, choose images that best correspond to concepts and work through exercises using colors and written language. At the end of the test, users can view results indicating which side of the brain they use more.

Intelegen, Inc. offers both verbal and visual brain tests. The verbal test consists of questions about general behavior, while the visual test focuses on shapes. The site also offers audio accompaniment for the visual test that claims to enact brain wave synchronization.

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