Why Is My Left Eye Smaller Than My Right?

While eyes can differ in size naturally, having one eye that is smaller than the other can indicate a condition such as exophthalmos or Grave’s disease that requires urgent medical attention, suggests WebMD. Both adults and children may be affected by these conditions.

Various things can cause one eye to appear larger than the other. This can include a drooping eyelid, aan enlarged pupil or swelling or bulging of the eyeball. Bulging eyes are particularly serious, as they are linked to numerous types of thyroid conditions, states WebMD. Identifying bulging eyes quickly can be an important step in receiving treatment for these types of conditions quickly.

Those who have bulging eyes due to a thyroid condition can do several things to help improve their symptoms. By raising their head off the bed when sleeping, sufferers can relieve puffiness. Those who are smokers when they find out about their condition are advised to quit smoking as soon as possible in order to reduce the effect of the thyroid condition on their eyes. Additionally, taking selenium supplements can help reduce the impact of milder forms of thyroid conditions on the eyes, advises WebMD. More severe cases of bulging eyes due to conditions of the thyroid may require treatment with corticosteroids, surgery or radiotherapy.