What Is the Best Lectionary to Go To?

What Is the Best Lectionary to Go To?

Members of a specific Christian denomination wishing to use a lectionary for private devotion can refer to their denomination's main website, which usually provides links to the church's official or recommended Sunday or daily lectionaries. A pastor or other clerical leader can also provide guidance.

Using the same lectionary as others in one's denomination allows members to share a common devotional experience. Christians who do not belong to a particular denomination or whose denomination does not use a lectionary have many options from which to choose.

Different denominations may use different church calendars (Gregorian or Eastern), prefer different scripture translations (such as King James or New Revised Standard), or have different theological orientations. Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican lectionaries may include special readings for feast days that differ from those in other main line Protestant lectionaries, and often include readings from the Apocrypha.

The website The Text This Week provides links to a number of different denominational lectionaries based either on the Catholic Mass Lectionary or its Protestant variant, the Revised Common Lectionary, along with other devotional resources. These are some of the most commonly used daily and Sunday lectionaries.

While evangelical churches aren't as likely to use lectionaries, evangelical Christians interested in engaging in daily Bible reading can use reading plans like those available on the Bible Gateway website, which allows users to choose which version of Scripture they prefer from an extensive menu.