How Do You Learn to Trust Again?


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Individuals can learn to trust again when the person who violated their trust consistently demonstrates honest behavior. According to Huffington Post and Psychology Today, individuals can also learn to trust again when they begin trusting their hunches and forgive past hurts.

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It’s not easy to trust someone who has lied, cheated, stolen or breached one’s trust. It takes an indefinite amount of time to regain a person’s trust, and sometimes people can’t win back someone's confidence in them. The person who broke another’s trust must apologize for the breach and change their behavior. Apologies with no change in behavior create more anger and resentment in a relationship.

It’s also important for individuals to trust their instincts about another person’s behavior so they are not blindsided by untrustworthiness. In some cases, individuals are most upset about the fact that they didn’t see distrustful actions coming. When individuals have an uncomfortable feeling about someone, they should try to find out why.

People who were betrayed in the past may have issues trusting new people. When this is the case, it’s important to allow new contacts the opportunity to earn one’s trust. Forgiving past hurts allows a person to move on and let other people enter their lives. It’s unfair to allow new friends to suffer in a relationship due to old feelings of resentment toward untrustworthy people.

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