What Are Some LDS Primary Lesson Ideas?


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Some LDS primary lesson ideas include coming closer to Christ by repentance, coming to Christ through temple work and showing love by keeping the commandments. A few more ideas include following the prophet and sharing the gospel.

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Teach the LDS primary lesson of following the prophet by showing a video about a person driving around an unknown location and getting lost. Augment this idea of direction by arranging chairs to form a car and having the children follow simple directions. Explain that following the prophet gives people direction in their lives so that they do not get lost. Finish by printing out a booklet about following the prophet that the children can illustrate with crayons.

To teach about helping others to come unto Christ through missionary, invite a return missionary to the class to talk to the children about serving a mission. Tell the children a few stories about how children can be missionaries by inviting their friends to church.

Teach children about repentance by having repentance reporters, certain children who are supposed to learn all they can about it. Then have them write their findings on the chalkboard or a large poster board. Bring clay for the children to work on as an object lesson, explaining that through repentance people can be like clay in the hands of the master who is trying to make them into a masterpiece.

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