What Is the Layout of the Tabernacle?


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The layout of the Jewish Tabernacle, or Tabernacle of Moses, included a large courtyard that was 150 feet by 75 feet. It was surrounded by a 7-foot-high fence. Although a tabernacle can refer to any house of worship or religious congregation, the Jewish Tabernacle is generally considered the most famous.

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What Is the Layout of the Tabernacle?
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Within the enclosure of the Jewish Tabernacle was a structure called the Tabernacle proper that was constructed from acacia wood and linens. The Tabernacle proper was 45 feet long, 15 feet high and was separated into two rooms. The first room was designated the Holy Place, while second was the Holy of Holies. The roof of the Tabernacle proper was covered with four layers of curtains. The outermost curtain was made from porpoise skins, the second from dyed ram skins, the third from woven goat hair and the fourth from woven linen. The innermost curtain also contained detailed embroideries of angels.

The entrance to the Tabernacle was a single gate set in the eastern wall. In front of the gate sat a brazen altar where people would make sacrifices before entering the Tabernacle proper. The placement of the gate in the eastern wall was deliberate, because it caused those who entered the tabernacle to face west. During the time of the Old Testament, this was contrary to the pagan practice of facing east during worship, which symbolized devotion to the rising sun.

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